Free Marketing Assessment

Take a Marketing Check up

The free assessment is valuable to both new and existing businesses and specifically designed to help small businesses, trades people and service people.  If you are a new business, please complete as much of the assessment that you can.  Provided that you have your business stationery, literature, advertisements and other marketing material close by, the entire process should take you 5 to 10 minutes. You will be asked to upload photos or files, which ever is easier, of your marketing materials.  If don’t have any of these, this assessment can help you the most, so don’t hesitate to jump in.

Typically, our evaluations are complete in a day or two and that is when you will be contacted with the results.  We limit our communication to email unless you agree to phone contact. Phone contact, when appropriate, can speed up and embellish the process. Our questionnaire is short because we gain the most information about your company and marketing from your marketing collateral, including your web assets, if any.

Get Customers or Build Brand (yuck)

The marketing assessment will help us to determine your Brand Awareness vs Direct Response marketing mix. Our philosophy is that for most small businesses, the vast majority of the marketing budget should be in direct response marketing.  This is because the goal of this marketing is to get a potential client to respond directly to an offer that your business makes.  Direct response marketing makes you money while brand building costs you money. If there is an existing direct marketing strategy, that will be evaluated as well.

Furthermore, the assessment will reveal if your company is using the techniques that are most appropriate and effective for your industry, company and sales model.

Assess Your Marketing Fundamentals

The best and most effective marketing systems are built upon firm business foundations so we also want to take a look at your business fundamentals.

  • Business Presence
  • Ease of finding your business
  • Ease of contacting your business
  • Your business from your client’s viewpoint
  • Your company’s first impression
  • Ease of doing business with you

We will evaluate your Marketing Assets

  • In relation to your business model
  • Copy and Sales Copy
  • Design
  • Effectiveness

The Marketing Assessment is free, it’s easy and it just may put money in your pocket. Let’s get started!