Who We Are

Small Business Marketing Help Is Here

Marketing is one of the most broadly defined terms in existence.  It can mean anything from tweeting a tweet, developing a brand, creating a national ad campaign and much more.  The GainBiz marketing focus is much more narrow. We approach it from the viewpoint of the independent business owner.

These entrepreneurs usually don’t have the luxury of limitless marketing budgets or extended timelines.  It’s not uncommon for us to have very limited marketing dollars and we usually need to recoup our investments relatively quickly.


When GainBiz refers to marketing, we are talking about initiatives that are specifically designed to directly generate sales, customers and client acquisition by creating inbound inquiries, leads and floor traffic.  In the business world, this is known as Direct Response Marketing and it is the specialty of GainBiz Marketing.

From the perspective of the independent business owner, whether a one man operation or a multi-employee concern, marketing needs to be affordable and attain it’s desired results in a relatively short cycle.  The primary objective of marketing should be to directly acquire sales, clients, leads and/or floor traffic that will impact profitability quickly and somewhat predictably.


GainBiz has over three decades of marketing and sales experience garnered from everything from startups to fortune 500 companies. We have created direct marketing campaigns, websites, landing pages and sales literature responsible for producing millions of dollars in sales and revenue.

We are knowledgeable with regard to the many sales models that exist and have extensive experience with both tangible and intangible product lines.